Cathedral Heights: Traffic Study and Calming Measures for Planned Unit Development in DC - Wells + Associates

Wood Street

Traffic Study and Calming Measures for Affluent Cleveland Park Neighborhood

Stop and Shop, the parent company of Giant Food, plans to transform a moribund supermarket, half-vacant retail stores, and surface parking lots into a vibrant, mixed-use town center in the affluent Cleveland Park neighborhood of Washington, DC. Street-level retail shops and four floors of apartments will be built above one level of underground parking on the North Parcel. Two levels of retail shops, office space, and a modern supermarket will be built above two levels of underground parking on the South Parcel.

Wells + Associates’ Maryland based traffic engineering team was retained by Stop and Shop to evaluate the traffic, parking, transit, pedestrian, bicycle, and loading impacts, and to conduct a traffic calming study of this proposed Planned Unit Development in DC.

We determined that neighborhood streets could adequately accommodate the additional trips that will be generated by the development during weekday and Saturday peak hours. We also demonstrated adequacy of the proposed parking supply, based on parking occupancy counts of the proposed sites and other comparable sites, local ordinances, U.S. Census data, and industry standards. Adequacy of the proposed loading berths was demonstrated by observations at the site and comparable sites, local ordinances, and a proffered truck management plan.

Stop and Shop will escrow $96,000 to fund potential traffic calming measures that were identified by W+A’s traffic consultants, based on vehicle classification counts, speed studies, and field observations.