Webinar: Customized Transportation Information as an Amenity - April 4, 2018

Webinar: Customized Transportation Information as an Amenity – April 4, 2018

Property owners and managers face constant pressure to increase occupancy. One solution to this challenge is to deliver improved commuter benefits and amenities to tenants.

An often-overlooked way to deliver this is to provide Customized Transportation Information as an Amenity, which is the topic of our upcoming Connect+ Webinar on Wednesday, April 4, 2018. And as Elizabeth Hughes of TDM Specialists, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area states, “Quality of life improvements can enhance employee recruitment, morale and retention and increases in productivity that can create positive benefits for businesses.”

How does such an amenity work? Well, it is one part “Old School” and another part “New School.”

Old School: Customized Travel Planning

Old School means taking a sincere interest in the “transportation well-being” of each tenant in the building. For example, many new tenants will assume that a single-occupancy vehicle is the only commuting option available for them. That’s not always so. With a bit of commuting information from the tenant, smart owners and managers can figure out ways to deliver customized travel planning assistance to tenants, who are often surprised at the transportation options available to them.

Drew Cressman, Vice President of HCP, will share with us HCP’s experience in improving their tenants’ work-life balance by providing customized transportation assistance. He will also discuss how prospective tenants react to these services and why HCP are investing in providing these service-based amenities.

New School: Harnessing Tech for an Improved Transportation Experience

“New School” means embracing tech for the benefit of commuters. In today’s faster-paced world, knowing the exact status of an afternoon rush-hour transit connection can be like gold to busy professionals.

Ryan Croft, Co-founder and COO of TransitScreen, will explain to webinar participants how their service helps commuters not only improve their commute, but improve their day. Such tech solutions can help commuters:

  • Compare train times to bus arrivals on their way to work in the morning.
  • Know when the employee shuttle is coming so they aren’t caught waiting in the cold.
  • Grab a refill at the coffee shop while they wait for the streetcar.
  • Catch an Uber instead of using bikeshare if it’s raining.

As you can see, these amenities are out-of-the-box ways to improve both the quality of work-life balance and productivity for commuters and tenants. Learn more at our next complimentary webinar.

Connect+ Express Webinar
Customized Transportation Information as an Amenity

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
1:00-1:30 PM EST


Guest Speakers:
Drew Cressman – Vice President, HCP
Ryan Croft – Co founder and COO, TransitScreen

Justin Schor – Principal, Wells + Associates

About Connect+

Wells + Associates’ Connect+ service develops and implements proven ways for our clients to improve their property’s value and marketability through customized transportation solutions. Property owners and management teams have their hands full in operating complex facilities, so Connect+ helps them:

  • Offer more transportation choices to residents and office workers
  • Develop improved transportation amenities and services
  • Provide personalized service to help create a better quality of life

For more information, visit our Connect+ page.