Life at W+A During Coronavirus: Staying Healthy and Going Digital - Wells + Associates

Life at W+A During Coronavirus: Staying Healthy and Going Digital

As we enter another week during this unprecedented pandemic, our thoughts at Wells + Associates are first and foremost for the health and well-being of all those around us – our families, friends, clients, partners, and colleagues.

Like so many other businesses, we have gone nearly 100% digital in our communications – working from home and connecting via video, email, texting, and more. Our team remains vigilant about our own social distancing best practices as a team and with our clients and colleagues.

We have found that our transportation work is already changing in some ways – such as aiming for safer transportation modes. For example, in the last week, one of our transportation clients who ran office shuttles asked us to help them switch from higher-occupancy shuttles to rideshare vehicles that offer more privacy. We are rolling with the times to help find the best solutions during this pandemic.

Speaking of our new working arrangements, this tweet seems to represent what so many of us are going through: mixing work with family life. If you haven’t seen it already, you should!

screenshot of tweet by @lydiakahill coronavirus dad daughter working

Our best wishes go out to all our colleagues and friends. And, we may be seeing you on video in the near future!