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Lydia Shackelford

Lydia Shackelford TDM transportation demand management consultant

Lydia Shackelford is an experienced transportation and mobility consultant who works chiefly with communities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to expand and promote transportation choices for tenants and commuters.

As a senior associate on our nationally recognized transportation demand management (TDM) group, she leads teams that conceptualize, execute, and measure plans and programs that help properties, real estate developments, and neighborhoods comply with transportation demand management requirements and single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) trip reduction goals.

Often referred to as transportation demand management plans or transportation management plans (TMP), Lydia has worked on wide range of programs throughout Northern Virginia, including Fairfax County and the City of Alexandria. These programs help reduce the use of SOVs; encourage and incentivize non-SOV transportation such as transit, biking, walking, and carpooling; reduce development costs by lessening the need for parking; improve placemaking and public spaces; and promote cleaner air.

Her clients have included residential properties, transit-oriented developments, office properties, major medical facilities, transportation management associations, and major commercial and retail developments.

Lydia’s interest in expanding multimodal solutions and choices led to her involvement in helping expand bikeshare in the Northern Virginia region, where she was instrumental in bringing together developers, tenants, and County officials to bring on board three new bikeshare stations in Fairfax County.

Lydia is a recipient of the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) 40 Under 40 award which recognizes leaders who are committed to developing programs that shift transportation behavior and create long-lasting change within their communities and organizations. She is also a regular participant in transportation and real estate development forums, offering insights into how to develop and promote multimodal and shared mobility solutions.


What do you like best about working at W+A?
My favorite things about working at W+A all include our company culture. There’s a work hard, play hard mentality here, which makes coming to work both rewarding and fun. I think working with bright, motivated, and energetic people brings out the best in everyone, and in turn makes it a really enjoyable work environment.
Plane, train, car, or bike?
Train. Hands down, it is my favorite way to travel. Relaxed (especially in the Quiet Car on Amtrak), efficient, and typically affordable.
Who are your role models?
My parents are the perfect role model pair. My dad portrays an incredible work ethic for my brothers and me to emulate. He has always worked hard to ensure he lives the best life possible and provides the best life for his family. And my mother is by far the most beautiful, kind, and entertaining woman you’ll ever meet. Together, they’re unstoppable. Not to mention they throw incredible parties.
Best advice you’ve ever received?
A few years ago someone told me to frame every troublesome situation with the question, “Will this matter in five years?” When I find myself worrying or stressing out about a situation, I try to remember that, and it really helps frame what’s truly important.
Uber or Lyft?
Uber! I recently got my passenger score from them, and I had a perfect rating. My love for Uber runs deep.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors), Communication: Public Relations, George Mason University