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Kevin Berger is a registered Professional Transportation Planner (PTP) and has worked in traffic, parking, and transportation planning and engineering with Wells + Associates since 2010. He works for private and public sector clients on projects involving multimodal transportation impact studies, capacity analyses, signal warrant studies, parking analyses, transportation demand management (TDM), and transit-oriented developments.

Kevin applies engineering analysis, interpretation, and judgment to generate transportation forecasts, diagnose capacity issues, and recommend mitigation measures. Where possible, he applies transportation demand management (TDM) strategies to encourage non-automotive travel, including improved access to transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities.

His work includes handling traffic impact studies, capacity analyses, traffic signal warrant studies, parking analyses, on-street parking studies, Transportation Demand Management and transit-oriented developments.

Kevin continually researches current best practices in transportation design and urban land uses to achieve improved transportation operations, safer and more equitable travel for pedestrians and bicyclists, and lower greenhouse gases. He also maintains a broad exposure to jurisdictional regulations of transportation design and traffic impact study requirements.


How did you get interested in transportation?
One of the most pivotal points in my life that influenced my foray into transportation was during spring break one year in high school, when my father and I took Amtrak on a day trip to New York. Along the way, blighted neighborhoods and towns flashed past our window with tormenting intermittence. We saw boarded up windows, islands of still-standing row homes flanked by rubble and makeshift dumping grounds, forlorn factories and petroleum tanks within eyeshot of playgrounds and schools. Not only this, but the scale of decay was the most remarkable, stretching what felt was the entire length of our voyage from Baltimore until the tunnel leading into Penn Station. The train had revealed some unconscionable and heartbreaking existence within the United States that was previously muted to me. Though I was generally aware and exposed to this in years prior, the Amtrak ride provided an unmitigated, unyielding visual. This palpable urban decay drove me into understanding more about urban planning, and understanding the contrasts between cities and outlying areas. Inevitably, my finding was that the way people and goods get around explained much about how our cities and towns have been shaped over the centuries.
Personal life philosophy?
Listen, show compassion, keep yourself and others honest, and be prepared to change your views if evidence contradicts you. Make time to daydream.
Favorite quote?
“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou
How do you relax?
I make a point to listen to music on a nearly daily basis. It enables me to readjust my frame of mind and put things into perspective, especially after a rough day.
Plane, train, car, bike, or walk? How do you get to work?
I take the S route on Metrobus. There’s a bus stop right outside the front door of my apartment in Columbia Heights where I wait, and I alight the bus at a stop in downtown Silver Spring in about 15-20 minutes. From there, it’s about a pleasant 7-minute walk from the stop to the office.
Favorite sports team?
University of Maryland basketball


  • Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland

Professional Certifications

  • Professional Transportation Planner (PTP)

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Office: (301) 971-3417