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Dyron D. Capers, P.E.

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Dyron Capers is a traffic engineer based in our Charlotte office with project experience throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, including traffic impact studies and other transportation engineering work in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland.

He has worked on urban, mixed use, retail, restaurant, hotel, residential, day care, and cemetery projects in a wide variety of jurisdictions. His work includes analysis and forecasting for traffic impact studies, signal warrant analyses, parking management plans, and other reporting projects.

Dyron’s educational background featured studies in traffic engineering, urban transportation planning, and transportation planning, as well as work as a utility engineer for a mock design-build team for a new road and bridge project.

He handles forecasting and analysis work using PTV Vistro and Synchro, as well as TEAPAC for signal warrant studies.


Who are your role models?
My parents, both two very hard-working individuals who have always been there for me.
+What got you interested in transportation?
I did best in my transportation classes while in college. And I figure it would always be a field that is relevant to society.
What do you like best about working at W+A?
The fact that everyone is willing to help you if you ask. Also, that I am learning something more every day.
What is your favorite fast food chain?
Since moving to Virginia, Chick-fil-A. When I was younger and would travel to South Carolina for part of the summer to see family, Sonic, since we didn’t have those in Boston.
What was your favorite subject in school?
Hands down: math. Before college I always got A’s in my math classes. During college, it definitely got a little more difficult but I still enjoyed it ... for the most part.
Plane, train, car, or bike?
Car. I hope to one day be super knowledgeable on them and also own a few to work on and modify as a hobby.


  • Bachelor of Science, Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University


  • Professional Engineer (P.E.)