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Armin Hajdar

armin hajdar traffic engineering technician wells + associates

Armin Hajdar is a highly skilled traffic engineering technician whose experience spans preparing traffic signal installation and traffic signal modification plans. He has prepared numerous signal design, signing and striping plans, and maintenance traffic plans.

Armin coordinates meetings with utility companies and various contractors, participates in data collection, and supervises field traffic counts, intersection traffic counts, parking counts, and field reconnaissance. He prepares tables, charts, and graphics using spreadsheet programs and AutoCAD as well as travel time studies, intersection delay studies, and a variety of other critical data gathering and analysis.


What motivates you?
Problem solving, creativity and achievement
Personal life philosophy?
Live life to the fullest
How do you relax?
A walk on the beach
Favorite vacation spot?
Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL
Favorite fast food chain?
Starbucks order?
White Chocolate Mocha


  • Associate, Science in Drafting, MVCC