Ali Mohagheghi - Wells + Associates

Ali Mohagheghi

portrait of Ali Mohagheghi traffic engineer

Ali Mohagheghi is an associate in the transportation engineering practice in Wells + Associates Bethesda, Maryland office.

He works on projects in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. These range from new developments to projects that involve changes in existing land use or capacity. His experience includes managing traffic impact analyses and developing traffic forecasts using tools such as HCS, Synchro, and VISSIM.

Q + A

Who are your role models?
My parents. They work hard, they are adaptive to changes, and are always willing to help others.
What is your favorite quote?
“If the character is destiny, then perhaps our destiny can be found in a better understanding of our character.” - Christopher Ryan
Your ideal weekend?
Biking/walking around the city in the morning, cleaning and grocery shopping/running errands in the afternoon, and having food/drinks with friends in the evening.
What is your Starbucks order?
I only go to local coffee shops.
Favorite film?
The Snatch by Guy Ritchie
What motivates you to work hard?
The fact that my work might result in increasing transportation safety and mobility for the people motivates me to work hard.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Architecture, IKIU
  • Master of Science, Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech