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Wells + Associates Opens New Office in Denver, Colorado

New Office Will Help Serve Existing and New Clients in the Western United States

Michael J. Workosky

(Tysons, VA – May 15, 2018) – Wells + Associates (W+A), a national transportation consulting firm helping to modernize transportation networks throughout the United States, today announced that it has opened a new office in Denver, Colorado in order to expand its existing work for clients in the Western United States.

“Wells + Associates has worked on more than 7,000 projects in 37 different states for 26 years. Our Denver presence will help us to serve new and existing clients, drawing on our national experience in improving transportation systems,” stated President Michael J. Workosky.

Wells + Associates, an employee-owned company, has handled the transportation aspects of over 250 million square feet of retail and mixed-use space, while also designing traffic and multi-modal solutions for commercial, residential, and institutional clients. Services include traffic engineering studies; traffic planning and design; parking analysis, design, and management; development of sustainable transportation options such as transit, bicycling, and walking; and transportation demand management (TDM) solutions.

W+A’s Colorado traffic work has included a Downtown Parking Study for the Town of Lyons, a site traffic impact assessment for the Glendale 180 project, and traffic studies and road and parking design for Colorado Mills.

Metropolitan areas like Denver are struggling to improve transportation networks and options at the rate their populations are growing. Our team helps to solve parking, access, and circulation issues on a site-by-site basis before they become problems while also researching and implementing more transportation choices for commuters beyond the single-occupancy vehicle.

About Wells + Associates

Wells + Associates designs sustainable, cost-effective transportation plans for commercial, residential, governmental, and institutional developments across the United States. W+A assists developers, architects, businesses, towns and cities, and property owners in formulating transportation engineering and planning solutions, securing entitlements, and gaining regulatory and community approvals. The company is a leading practitioner in designing and implementing transportation demand management strategies and multimodal plans that create better, more forward-thinking places and networks for commuters, owners, and tenants.