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How Do You Define 6 Feet? #PhysicalDistancing

At some point in the future, we will start using transit more regularly, going back to school, and meeting in offices. But for now, the “6 Foot Rule” (or 2 meters) is what we are focused on. In fact, it’s the latest topic on our “Zoom” radio station WELS-ZM.

So, if you are taking transit – specifically, Metrorail in the Washington, DC region – how do you define 6 feet? One way is to take our cue from those well-known platform tiles …

Which makes some of us think of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean video …

If you haven’t seen it already, CNN has their own ideas about the subject of six-feet distancing in which they investigate the crucial question: “how can we tell whether we’re standing just far away enough from people, or if we need to tell them to back up a little bit more?”

The New York Times just published a helpful 3-D simulation that explains the science behind the 6+ feet desire for separation. If you have a New York Times account or their app, you can view this. Click preview images below to see the simulation.