Tysons Partnership Transportation Management Association

Tysons Partnership Transportation Management Association

Tysons, VA

Five Year Strategic Plan Seeks to Transform Tysons into America’s Next Great City

TyTran is the Fairfax County-approved Transportation Management Association (TMA) for Tysons, VA. It is a division of the Tysons Partnership, a dynamic association of engaged citizens and business organizations working with local government to transform Tysons into America's next great city. The purpose of the TMA is to help employers, employees, and residents implement multi-modal commuting strategies that reduce the number of vehicle trips in Tysons.

TyTran performs a variety of services. Basic employer outreach incorporates recommendations, resources, and tools. TyTran connects employers with Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) for Smart Benefits enrollment assistance, publicizes transportation initiatives such as Earth and Car-Free Day, and generates regular communication to transportation stakeholders to discuss transportation advocacy updates.

TyTran also performs market research to determine the travel behavior of a site’s tenants, and provides tailored assistance to implement travel behavior change. Customized events and materials give commuters accurate and timely information to make informed commuting choices. 

TyTran also works with developers to craft specific strategies based on individual needs and project proffers. TyTran manages and oversees the development and implementation of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies, prepares and submits documentation of proffer compliance, and serves as a developer’s liaison with Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT).

The W+A Solution

The Tysons Partnership chose W+A to create an influential five year strategic business plan for Tysons. As part of that plan, we determined that the primary means to measure the success of the TMA is through achievement of overall trip reduction goals. This will be done by prioritizing the TDM strategies that will most effectively reduce single occupancy vehicles. We developed the recommended package of TMA services which include customer service, market research, information dissemination, transportation advocacy, program monitoring and evaluation, and increased awareness of transportation services. 

Since 2013, W+A has managed the daily operations of this TMA. In that capacity, we have helped breathe new life into this organization and into transportation choices in Tysons. We did this by first leading transportation discussions with key business leaders in Tysons. We then used those discoveries to spearhead efforts in advocating for new road diets and bike lanes, as well as express bus service. W+A also helps fill private sector demand for transportation services that are not being met by the public sector.