Webinar Recording: Customized Transportation Information as an Amenity


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Property owners and managers face pressure to increase occupancy. One solution to this challenge is to provide improved commuter benefits to tenants.

An often-overlooked way to deliver this is to provide Customized Transportation Information as an Amenity. Our webinar in April 2018 explained how this is one part “Old School” and another part “New School.”

Old School: Customized Travel Planning
“Old School” means taking a sincere interest in the “transportation well-being” of each tenant in the building. Smart owners and managers can figure out ways to deliver customized travel planning assistance to tenants, who are often surprised at the transportation options available to them.

New School: Harnessing Tech for Better Transportation
“New School” means embracing tech for the benefit of commuters. In today’s faster-paced world, knowing the exact status of a rush-hour transit connection can be like gold to busy professionals. Such tech solutions can help improve the quality of their commuting life. 

To listen to a recording of this webinar, click here or below.